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Create Your Own Inkwinks Characters
Print The Inkwinks Activity Sheet for your children to draw and colour on. Email the Inkwinks a photo of their creations and we'll upload it to the Children's Picture Gallery!
2 x A4 sheets, 100 - 170gsm
Print Settings:
  1. Portrait
  2. Borderless
1. Print front cover on one A4 sheet
   2. Fold and cut in half to A5 size
   3. Take the blank A4 sheet, fold in
       half, and again, cut to A5
   4. Fold all four A5 sheets in half.
       Then staple them together in the
       middle, with the front cover on the

       Success!!! You have now made
       your first Inkwinks Booklet
Download and Print the Inkwinks Story Book Cover
Download and Print the Inkwinks Story Book Cover
Create Your Own Inkwinks Characters
Check out what the children at Holywell Primary School created.......   HERE >>>
Click to Print
Copyright : Inkwinks Publications Ltd 2018

Encourage your children to create their very own characters and stories by printing the front cover of the Inkwinks' Story Booklets.

Email the Inkwinks photos of your finished Storybook so we can add them to the Storybook Gallery!
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